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How it works

miraDry is a safe, clinically proven, FDA-cleared solution for significantly reducing underarm sweat. It’s an outpatient procedure performed in your physician’s office, and it doesn’t involve any surgical incisions or cuts. miraDry works by delivering precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm area, eliminating the underarm sweat glands.

miraDry is the only FDA-cleared procedure that provides a lasting reduction of underarm sweat in a completely non-invasive way. Other treatment options, including antiperspirants and toxins, aim to temporarily disable the sweat glands for varying lengths of time – requiring repeat treatments to maintain effectiveness. Other options involve surgery, which poses inherent risks.

  • FDA Cleared

  • Non-invasive

  • Toxin-free

  • Quick, in-office treatment

  • In as little as 1 treatment

  • Minimal to no downtime

  • Immediate results

  • Permanent results

Worth Rating

miraDry 96%
CoolSculpting 70%
IPL 70%
Ultherapy 66%

What To Expect

  • miraDry is the only non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment to permanently eliminate sweat in the underarm.
  • miraDry is the only non-invasive FDA-cleared device for the treatment of sweat.
  • miraDry permanently eliminates sweat and odor glands leaving you feeling clean, confident, and carefree.
  • The miraDry treatment is complete in about one hour and you will see results in as little as one treatment.
  • The only FDA cleared, non-invasive, permanent solution for underarm sweating
  • Results in as little as one treatment
  • Results are immediate
  • Results are permanent – Sweat and odor glands are destroyed and do not regenerate.
  • Whether you sweat a lot or just a little, with miraDry, everyone can embrace life to the fullest – without fear or embarrassment of underarm issues getting in the way.
  • Looking and feeling your best shouldn’t include the potential embarrassment caused by underarm sweat.
  • miraDry is a quick, in-office treatment providing immediate results with minimal downtime.
  • Strong safety record
  • Imagine a lifetime of freedom from the worries of visible sweat stains or ruining your favorite clothes with antiperspirants
  • Imagine a lifetime of freedom from underarm sweat outbreak in personal or professional encounters.
  • Non-Invasive
  • Non-Surgical / No surgery
  • Toxin-Free
  • Antiperspirant Free
  • Underarm sweat solution
  • No downtime
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Dont Stay Wet Because Of Your Sweat

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What do People Say

  • My underarm sweating has nearly disappeared

    I’ve been bothered by excessive underarm sweat since I was 14.  I’ve used just about every antiperspirant on the market including clinical brands and have even tried women’s brands. I’d try wiping my under arms with towels periodically, but nothing really worked. I would often have to change clothes during school or work to cope with the sweating. I’d always have sweat marks.

    Since having the miraDry procedure my underarm sweating has nearly disappeared. I don’t worry about underarm sweating anymore which means not worrying about what to wear or having to change clothes.

    The miraDry treatment was pretty simple, quick and painless with long lasting results;  much better than the other options out there of using needles and having to return every 6 months to do it again.

    I’m extremely satisfied and could not be happier. I’m no longer embarrassed or self conscious of my underarm sweat and cannot imagine ever living that way again.  With long lasting results it’s a life changer.

  • Great life-changing procedure

    As a sufferer of excessive underarm sweat my entire life and having tried everything short of Fillers, miraDry by far was the best thing I have ever done to help with my condition.

    I no longer worry about having to throw away t-shirts because no matter what I tried I ruined them in a matter of months. I no longer have the anxiety of wearing a suit and having the entire underarm area entirely saturated.  And forget about ever being able to wear a colored shirt; I always had to wear a white shirt.  I was basically at my wits end and became resigned to the fact that I would always be saturated but hoped it wouldn’t happen.

    I knew my condition was somewhat serious because I would emerge from the shower don antiperspirant, and while I was getting dressed – here came the drip from my arm pits!  “I just got out of the shower!” I would scream, “How can I possibly be sweating already?”

    I just want to say that this is a great life changing procedure and will benefit many people just like me. The side effects were exactly as my doctor said – very minimal.  Thanks again, you have a great product.

  • I just finished my 2nd miraDry treatment! I have...

    I just finished my 2nd miraDry treatment! I have done Fillers injections for 5 years or so to stop the sweating under my arms. I was ready for something a little more long term. I heard about miraDry at my Dermatologist office. He said it was a new treatment that would provide me long term results, vs. Fillers treatments that only last 3-4 months. My motivation behind seeking treatment for my hyperhydrosis stems back from Junior High. I remember being extremly embarrassed at the arm pit stains on my shirt and how embarrassed I was in all the pictures I was in where you could see the sweat marks. As I have gotten older and started seeing a Dermatologist, I began to see there are options out there to help. So far with the miraDry treatment I am very pleased!! The underarm sweating stopped almost immediately after my first treatment. I waited another 3 months before getting my second treatment. Honestly, one treatment may have been enough; however I figured I might as well get it all taken care of and go ahead with the 2nd treatment. After my first treatment I did have swelling under my arms for about a week. I took 2 Advil every 4 hours and was fine as far as pain management goes. I did not have any sweating for about a month or so and then noticed a little sweating, however NOTHING like it used to be. I was able to be in my best friend’s wedding, with no fear of sweating and ruining the dress:). I just had my 2nd treatment 3 days ago and my swelling has already decreased dramatically. I also applied cold compresses on after the first day. I would recommend this treatment for anyone who suffers from severe sweating without a doubt.

    Kira Rose

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